So my Manager Bob, calls me. And he has an extra sweet vibe on the call, and there’s a smile in his voice, which means…

he’s about to ask me to do something I don’t wanna do! How are U Renn? Fine, Dear and U?

They want to interview U 4 a big magazine called Times Square Chronicle. It has a huge subscription audience. I immediately want to 

NO. Y? Because like most former “Child Stars” (the ones that survived) I’m tryna get over what?


LOL And one of the best ways to do that is to stop talking about what?

Myself! LOL

But when I read the questions How are we coping around the world lock down? How are we dealing in a Pandemic?

When I felt the compassion from Suzanna Bowling (Co-owner/Publisher) sent me. I thought ya know if I just tell the truth

even if it encourages one reader it’s worth it. So here it is…

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Renn Woods



"I've known Renn, yikes, oh since she was born. She is a friend of mine."

- Ron Meyer