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The Wiz (First National Tour), Big River, Sold (Renn Woods In Concert), The Joni Mitchell Project


Gary Ginell


The Rubicon was fortunate to acquire the services of a show business legend, Renn Woods, whose long list of credits includes the television mini-series.

Roots, the movie musical version of Hair, (AQUARIUS SOLOIST) and multiple appearances on Broadway, playing Dorothy in the first national Broadway tour of The Wiz. Woods, who plays the slave Alice in the show, sings a glorious solo on the gospel like The Crossing as well as joining Damane, Cheyenne Green, Summer Greer, Carter Michael, and Joshua Valerion on the inspirational "Free At Last.

Tony Frankel

Stage & Cinema Review - Big River at Rubicon Theater

As a slave mother and daughter sold away from each other, Renn Woods and Summer Greer heartrendingly capture the horrors of slavery. (And a special thanks to Ms. Woods: When you sang “Home” during the 1977 First National Tour of The Wiz, a troubled teenage boy knew he could always find solace in the theater. Your magnificent presence remains as rapturous as ever.

Chris Donelly

Santa Barbara Independent

And STARS like Renn Woods who turns in an outstanding Performance

Philip Brandes


Renn Woods and Summer Greer bring true poignancy to the plight of recaptured Mother and Daughter run-away slaves. Cruelly separated and resold

"You are the consummate pro…”I'll love it."

- Henry Winkler, Actor